Aloe Holdings (PVT)(LTD) is a gender based wholly owned indigenous company incorporated in Zimbabwe since 1991. Aloe Holdings (PVT)(LTD) in its early stages mainly focused on the waterproofing,tanking and asphalting before the company grew in leaps and bounds.  This growth ultimately saw the company diversifying from its core business into other areas such as land and property development, real estate management and sugar blending and exportation.

The Managing Director of Aloe Holding is Dr Nancy Saungweme.
The Other Directors of Aloe Holdings are  Ms C Nujoma  and  Mrs W Mukupuki

About Aloe Enterprise

Aloe Mission & Goals


To be dynamic providers of cost effective, value added smart accommodation solutions .


Aloe strives to build quality and affordable homes by providing an honest, fair and working relationship with sub-contractors and new home owners where families can experience the pride and satisfaction of designing their homes.