Mission & Goals

Aloe Mission & Goals


To be dynamic providers of cost effective, value added smart accommodation solutions .


Aloe strives to build quality and affordable homes by providing an honest, fair and working relationship with sub-contractors and new home owners where families can experience the pride and satisfaction of designing their homes.


• To create a friendly environment wherever we develop

• To provide smart accommodation solutions for a new generation

• To add value to every development project

• To ensure sustainable growth for the benefit of all our stakeholders


• Passion

• Innovation

• Commitment

• Integrity

• Rewarding

• Empowerment

• Team working

• Forward Looking

Key Factors To Success

To achieve our vision and mission we adhere to the following key success factors:

  1. Share Vision We make sure that there is buying-in to our individual and collective tasks and beliefs and that we have a shared vision on what we intended to achieve.
  2. Shared Values We are guided by our core values and beliefs which act as our moral base in the manner in which we do business.
  3. Efficiency We aim to be cost effective in the quest to deliver value to our stakeholders.
  4. Effectiveness Our aim is to be effective in our roles in order to achieve maximum benefit for our stakeholders.
  5. Adaptability and Speed We aim to be adaptable and speedy in the appropriate direction at all times and that we speedily get our tasks done.
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